Video Resources

This page will be updated from time to time and will perhaps turn into the biggest grab bag ever!  Right now as you can see it’s a work in progress.

Caveat:  By choice, our family does not have cable TV; our aging set is used for DVD viewing.  We also make extensive use of NetFlex online (we’re in Canada so the content may vary from what’s available in the States) and YouTube.  So the things I mention may well be available on cable TV.



Dinosaur Train, PBS cartoon series about a homeschooled family of pteranodons with a T Rex foster brother whose education consists of riding the dinosaur train with their mom and learning about other dinosaurs.  This is a gem!  Homeschooled children who complain about not seeing themselves reflected in stories would relate to this.  Of course they might then demand to go live on a train …

Bob the Builder On Site These episodes are the most palatable to parents/caregivers watching alongside the child.  Each one is a combination of actual footage explaining construction techniques, the Bob the Builder characters, and related activities done by actual children.  For example in “Skyscrapers” the children make an elevator out of a shoe box and give their teddy a ride. I’ve learned useful information from every episode I’ve watched.  We live in a densely populated area and on most outings will see construction of one sort or another, so better to have some understanding of what’s going on.

I personally don’t enjoy watching the fully animated episodes because the characters and their voices are so annoying, but they do teach a lot about construction.

Family Friendly Entertainment

The Jungle Book Although I have fond memories of this movie (especially the vultures!), those monkeys seem to be a bad influence.  We’ve noticed more bouncing on furniture and roughhousing after this movie than any other.  Of course, your mileage may vary 🙂


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