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Last year I got my life back on track

Last year I got my life back on track.


Nireh has absolutely hit the nail on the head when she talks about the university system restricting students and not encouraging learning.

Vivid memories of about three weeks in a semester being absolutely engaging, then passing, leaving me wanting to pursue the topic, such as traditional African science and medicine, autism, split personality, or how the siblings of disabled children react,  and being dragged back to statistics, work on rats in mazes, et cetera.

Perhaps this is why I’ve never felt the urge to do a masters or Pile it Higher and Deeper, although I’ve pursued lifelong learning and even have some formal certificates to show for it.

We all need a framework of basics, but what we put into that frame should be a personal choice.  I keep handmade beads in a repurposed peanut butter jar, a carpenter keeps nails, a chef keeps icing nozzles.


Thoughts, anyone?




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