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Why the Taj Mahal was not the high point of our field trip

Hmm, I dunno, maybe because we didn’t actually go to India?



Or could it be …,. that the model railway, complete with a button to make it run, was a competing attraction?

it couldn’t be the Duplo, or could it?

This was a great outing to the Sidney Museum, which is free, does not have a gift store, and is entirely run by volunteers.  The annual Lego show is on through March.


The Taj Mahal is the biggest Lego kit available with nearly 6,000 pieces and took 35 hours to assemble.  We left with thoughts of making a Kaaba with Mega Blocks (made in Canada!), you would need a base plate and lots of black blocks with a few yellow ones.  I could see that as a good homeschooling project.  (Young Sprout already recognizes the Kaaba) .


The Duplo train was the most fun for youngsters because it was interactive.  We had to promise to go back for more fun.

My personal favourite is good old Albert, because the artist had to put some thought into building a wall with just three colours to convey an image.  I think he did a pretty good job, don’t you?



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Seize the teachable moment ~ but which one?

As I mentioned, we took a trip to Vancouver just before New Year’s.  The adults’ main goals were to:

1) have a family/friends reunion and

2) visit the Vancouver Aquarium, which is not really practical on a day trip from Victoria.  Although it could be done, it would be exhausting.

Of course we felt the Aquarium would be very educational and the high point of the trip for the Young Sprout.

On our way to the SeaBus, we passed rail yards, and he saw trains for the first time in real life.



That and the view from the hotel room of cranes was the most exciting thing to happen on the whole trip!


So my question is:  how to mesh interests with activities?  Especially when it’s something that involves planning ahead and traveling?  If we plan a trip up Island to see steam trains in Duncan will we be satisfied, or will the Young Sprout be in an aquatic phase where a trip to the Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre in Sidney would give more bang for the buck, so to speak?

Part of this is the adult wish to provide rich experiences for children and the disappointment that ensues when one’s efforts seem not to be appreciated or the child doesn’t want to participate.  Getting into the mode of “you WILL enjoy this if it kills me” mode just makes everyone miserable.

Now, that certainly didn’t happen on this trip, and there was a balance of kid-friendly, fun activities, outdoor walking and running, and the visiting, shopping, and sushi that appeal more to the older generation, but this is still a question worth pondering, I feel.

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