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The Day Your Kid is NOT Welcome in School …

Something I learned when Senior Sprout was in Grade One — if the school buses aren’t running, they don’t want your kid in school.  Of course I learned this the hard way, tramping through giant snowdrifts and telling him to suck it up, “If school is open, you’re supposed to be there.”  Basically they go into babysitting mode for the parents with no alternative childcare.  So everyone else gets a taste of homeschooling by default.

This was Young Sprout’s first real time to enjoy snow.  Last year a dusting fell once on our city.  The year before was snowy, but he was less than a year old at the time.  After building a snowman and a snow house and lots of sliding down a berm, he didn’t want to come in.

I know everyone else has had wild snow for a while now, but had to post!   And not just because things got busy with this and that last week and I missed the whole week (blush).



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