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First Photo

The Young Sprout is immensely interested in all things Thomas.  In fact he has two of these, one slightly larger than the other.  This is the first photo he’s taken mindfully, not counting grabbing the camera and getting random shots of fingers, the rug, et cetera.  That doesn’t count any more than using your other grandma’s cell to speed dial your great-grandma (and using up all her minutes!)

Having  not grown up in North America I sometimes think my postwar childhood was more like the Depression.  We weren’t poor, but we didn’t have a fridge or a TV until I was 16, and my dad was the only person in the family to have a watch for the longest time.

My take is that photography is part of literacy these days.  Many jobs require a person to be able to use a camera.  Think of real estate agents, emergency room nurses, dermatologists, auctioneers, people who work at car rental agencies …

When I was four my grandfather let me use his typewriter whenever he wasn’t using it.  I was especially fond of & and % and would pound away telling stories that my grandmother jotted down to share.  And look at me now, a professional editor!  Those early interests can blossom into life directions, and that is

YARTHS (Yet Another Reason to Homeschool)

Having said that, photography will NEVER take the place of art and drawing, especially in childhood.  And that will be another post, or many posts, more likely!

Is it indulgence to let a small child use equipment that their parents and grandparents never had?

I’d be interested in YOUR opinions, so please leave a comment.




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