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YouTube for All!

Studies have shown that captioned videos can help children read better.  Captioning is also a huge help to non-native speakers of English.

In the U.S. ADA mandates that all television be closed captioned, and that sets contain the chip to display the captions.  However the internet, which was heralded as the great equalizer between the hearing and Deaf communities, has no such regulation, so it’s becoming increasingly inaccessible to the Deaf.

I only found out in the last few minutes that YouTube has a way to caption videos that you are posting.   Deaf Pagan’s post describes how to do it and discusses the limitations of voice recognition software.  Having spent years learning court reporting with a steno machine, I’m well aware of that, but most people have an overly optimistic belief in voice recognition.

A great project for older homeschoolers:  make a YouTube video, caption it, and then watch it with the captions.  This would reinforce literacy skills and help them empathize with the Deaf and hard of hearing.  It’ll be a while before Young Sprout is ready to caption.  If anyone else tries this, please let us know!

Disclaimer:  Need to make it clear I’m advocating for captioning and other accessibility aids for the differently abled, and this posting is NOT any kind of endorsement of paganism, in case you were wondering.





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